Thursday, 20 September 2012

Washington DC 14th September 2012 - show 64

That famous red phone that’s depicted in many movies isn’t actually in the Oval Office. It’s in the Pentagon.

So here we are in Washington DC after nearly a weeks rest. I wonder whether Bruce is getting a bit jaded yet. He doesn't seem to be flagging at all unlike me. It's becoming more difficult to think of anything useful to say so I'll leave it to others. 

From this blog :- 

There aren't many things worth an unplanned hour of standing around to get in the door and then get something to eat, along with standing another 90 minutes on packed subway trains to get home. However, one such thing is the opportunity, in between all that standing, to stand for three hours of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band. 

The whole piece is a good read.  I've pulled out another couple of paragraphs here :-

To the average fan, the most famous Roy Bittan intro is probably "Jungleland", but I'll go out on a limb and say for the diehards, there are no opening piano notes that go right to the heart like the ones that tell you that you've been lucky enough to show up for a setlist that includes "Racing In The Street". 

And this one was a beauty. Springsteen sang the first two verses at a standstill, holding that old guitar aloft with one hand. He brought it down, told the rest of the part of the story that you can tell with words, and the band entered what you'd consider a sacred space in the Church of Bruce, the "Racing" coda. Roy took the spotlight on the piano but didn't overplay his fills, and as they appeared to sit there on a stage in a center field on a warm, cloudy night in Washington, the band motored through a stretch of paved and lonely sanctuary in Just Outside Somewhere, New Jersey.

... If you can go, then go. Just get a good night's sleep, and wear comfortable shoes. Rock and roll does not exist to give you all that you can sit.

This article  points out the uniqueness of a Washington DC audience:-

Ours is the only city on Earth where you can hear the most mythologized musician of his time sing about America’s powerless to America’s powerful. And that’s sorta weird, right?

...Whether he’s touring the Rust Belt, the Bible Belt, the Garden State or olde Europe, the man gets up there for three-plus hours and sweats his soul. 

...Hearing adulation like this can be intoxicating. Or terrifying. But it all speaks to the Herculean responsibilities we’ve heaped on poor Bruce in the past decade. Whenever a new Springsteen album lands, we expect it to embody our values, understand our struggles and illuminate our future. In other words, we expect Springsteen to do what we expect politicians to do, which is probably why so many politicians love Springsteen.

According to Nothing Man was sound checked. It didn't turn up in the set though.

Here's the list. A good solid list for me. No stand-outs but nothing I don't like. 

Chicago 08/09/2012
Time 8.14 to 11.14
Washington DC 14/09/2012
Time 8.24 to 11.54
The Promised Land (35)
Prove It All Night (23)
The Ties That Bind (13)
My Love Will Not Let You Down (8)
No Surrender (18)
The Ties That Bind (14)
Hungry Heart (23)
Hungry Heart (24)
We Take Care Of Our Own (63)
We Take Care Of Our Own (64)
Wrecking Ball (63)
Wrecking Ball (64)
Death To My Hometown (63)
Death To My Hometown (64)
My City Of Ruins (63)
My City Of Ruins (64)
E Street Shuffle (16)
Spirit In The Night (36)
Pay Me My Money Down (3)
Blinded By The Light (1)
This Depression (3)
Jack Of All Trades (54)
My Hometown (2)
Jackson Cage (4)
Darkness On The Edge Of Town (10)
She’s The One (21)
Because The Night (26)
Johnny 99 (19)
Working On The Highway (31)
Darlington County (19)
Shackled And Drawn (47)
Shackled And Drawn (48)
Waitin’ On A Sunny Day (63)
Waitin’ on a Sunny Day (64)
Who’ll Stop The Rain (6)
The Promised Land (36)
Ghost Of Tom Joad (6)
Racing In The Street (9)
Badlands (56)
The Rising (56)
Thunder Road (37)
Badlands (57)
Rocky Ground (33)
Land Of Hope And Dreams (43)
Born To Run (63)
We Are Alive (53)
Rosalita (13)
Thunder Road (38)
Dancing In The Dark (63)
Born To Run (64)
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (62)
Detroit Medley (3)
American Land (10)
Dancing In The Dark (64)

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (63)

American Land (11)

Twist And Shout (24)



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