Sunday, 3 February 2013


LOD 2013
Part 5

Day 5

Today I woke at the crack of dawn - literally.  Should I turn over and go back to sleep or get onto the boardwalk to try and catch the sunrise?  Might never get the chance for sunrise again but I can sleep any time so... no - brainer really.

So when I get to the boardwalk there is a solitary bloke fishing. He packs up and heads off home leaving me on my own, strolling up and down, waiting for the sun. A police car drove by at one point and I swear it slowed down to check me out. Probably thought I was mad.

Photos taken I head back to the room and who is helping himself to coffee in the hotel lobby?- non other than Joe Grushecky. We had quite a long chat as I got tea for myself, and coffee to take back to Mike, who was still languishing in bed. This might be a lesson to learn. Just do your own thing and mind your own business and you don’t know who will cross your path. Go out of your way to bump into someone and zilch.

No rush this morning as our lift back to the airport wasn’t picking us up until 6.00pm. We packed cases and set off for a late breakfast at Frank’s Deli. 

After a last wander around Asbury Park and Ocean Grove we headed back to the hotel to relax. The final day of a holiday is always a bit strange don’t you find? A lot of waiting around and wondering whether to go for a last walk, a drink or look around the shops. We opted to wait and read.

Our group were leaving at different times during the afternoon so there were lots of ‘Goodbyes’ and ‘Safe Journeys’. Everyone talked about when they would be back. Never if but when. 

Chatting to the waitress in Frank's this morning we mentioned we were heading home and weren't looking forward to it so much. She told us that whenever she leaves New Jersey she can't wait to get back - can't really argue with that.

MIke and I? Well barring disasters we’ll be on that plane next year. With the Paramount Theatre looking so pretty in the setting sun who could resist?


Remember that feeling I had that 2013 is going to be a good year? Don't know why I ever doubted it. If the rest of the year is anything like the last five days it's going to be amazing.

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