Friday, 25 January 2013


LOD 2013
Part 3

Day 3

Another beautiful day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and life is good. I’ve got over my disappointment. We are looking forward to tonight’s show and just happy to be here.

Breakfast at Frank’s again. So good, and great value for money. Mike has corned beef hash and scrambled eggs and I have bacon and eggs ‘over easy’ - I don’t necessarily want them cooked this way I just like saying it. 

To be perfectly honest there’s not much to do in Asbury Park except eat and drink. Some of you will know that Mike and I are no gourmets and don’t drink a lot. Luckily the weather is so good we can indulge in one of our favorite things - walking.

The boardwalk between the Paramount Theatre and the Casino is closed- fenced off - but I know, from some research before leaving the UK, that there is access to the beach north of the theatre. It's clear we can walk around the end of the Convention Hall to part of the beach which has no access from the boardwalk. 

We trudge along - it's hard work walking in the sand - and I take many, many many photos, most of which I have discarded already.

There are a lot of other folks doing the same and - look! - people on the boardwalk itself. Not to be outdone we climb up too. Some of the boards are intact and look undisturbed but there are chunks that are impassable unless you're prepared to balance on beams.  Apparently all will be open again in May 2013.

So just up to the Casino and back today as we intend to call in at the Wonder Bar in the afternoon for 'Asbury Blues'. By now we're coming across the same people again and again and I no longer feel out of place as we wave to one or two already in the bar. I think I might have put myself under a bit of pressure to enjoy everything I heard but to be honest the music wasn’t really to our taste. I’m sure the musicians are very talented but all this noodling does nothing for me. I like a bit more structure to my music. Anyway at least we can say we have been to a gig at the Wonder Bar.  

We had booked a table at McLoones to eat before the night’s big concert.  Although the doors to the Paramount opened at 6.00pm we were told there was no need to arrive at the start so we aim for 7.00pm to 7.30pm. 

Lovely place, McLoones, with a great view. Could I ever have believed that we would be sitting in a restaurant in Asbury Park looking out at the Paramount Theatre? 

Sometimes I can’t believe my luck - Friday I felt so unlucky but a day on and I know just how lucky I am. Oh My goodness the starters are so big we can barely eat our mains and we're so stuffed by the time we set out for the theatre we can barely move. 

Great seats - four rows back towards the middle and Christine Martucci is just coming on stage.  She's fab. Would like to see her again. The whole night is so well organised, a full band set followed by an acoustic set, played in front of the curtain, whilst the next band is setting up behind.

With or without Bruce the night is fantastic and despite a stinking headache I manage to stick it out until the end and Mike gets to see Joe Grushecky play live.

Looking back there was only one act we really didn't like (I won’t say who), and anyway, if we weren’t keen we only had to suffer around 20 minutes or so before the next act came on. Darlene Love was great and surely that will be our one and only chance to see her live. A bonus - Brian Fallon joined Jesse Malin - albeit for a very brief session. It might bode well for a longer set another year though. 

At the end of his set Joe Grushecky tells us that Bruce sends his love. 'Needn't be sending his love to me' I say. I've fallen out with him - at least for the time being. I still joined in with a rousing rendition of Thunder Road though.

We both enjoyed it so much we’d would go again in a heartbeat.  

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