Sunday, 3 June 2012

San Sebastian 2nd June 2012 - show 29

 Donostia is the Basque name for San Sebastian

So back to Sunny Spain.  Well not all that sunny as it turns out.

Photo by JoseManuel Rodriguez from Twitter

Another show for which I can't find a decent review so you will have to put up with my observations again.  

It's quite a laborious task updating the spreadsheet but it does make things, which wouldn't normally be obvious, jump out at me. I had a feeling today that the set lists are beginning to get a bit 'samey'.  Sometimes, when I analyse a bit more closely, I find I'm wrong but here's what stood out for me. 

Born In The USA played at the last eight shows
Hungry Heart played at the last four shows 
The River played at the last five shows
Spirit In The Night played at the last six shows
Working On The Highway played at six out of the last eight shows
Seven Night to Rock played at three out of the last four shows. I think the first time was a sign. Maybe Bruce took it as a sign that we want to hear more of it.  Not me - even though my name gets a mention.

Save My Love has also been played twice in a row.  I hope Bruce keeps this one in. 

On the other hand The Rising and We Are Alive were missing from the set for the first time. A disappointment for Mike who always wants to here The Rising.  

And ... does Bruce always play Who'll Stop The Rain if it's peeing it down?

OK OK so I sound like a right whinge -  but as we all know it doesn't matter what our man sings when you are actually there.  It's always going to be an amazing experience.

Tramp Vanessa Huggett puts it perfectly:-

Just looking at the set list doesn't do it justice. It was a fantastic show. That was the best Backstreets I've heard for years.Plus the lightening and rain made it an amazing experience. Anyone else would have stayed back on the stage but Bruce was out there all night! Finally I got LOHAD !!!!!

Here's the set list.

Berlin 30/05/12
Time 7.51 to 10.53
San Sebastian 02/06/12
Time 9.35 to 0.35
When I Leave Berlin (1)
Who’ll Stop The Rain (1)
We Take Care Of Our Own (28)
We Take Care Of Our Own (29)
Wrecking Ball (28)
Wrecking Ball (29)
Badlands (22)
The Ties That Bind (8)
Death To My Hometown (28)
Death To My Hometown (29)
My City Of Ruins (28)
My City Of Ruins (29)
Spirit In The Night (6)
Spirit In The Night (7)
Hungry Heart (4)
Night (4)
Trapped (9)
Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street (5)
Jack Of All Trades (28)
Jack Of All Trades (29)
Youngstown (6)
Adam Raised A Cain (2)
Johnny 99 (7)
Prove It All Night (9)
Working On The Highway (5)
She’s The One (11)
Shackled And Drawn (16)
Working On The Highway (6)
Waitin’ On A Sunny Day (28)
Shackled And Drawn (17)
Save My Love (1)
Waitin’ On A Sunny Day (29)
The River (5)
Save My Love (2)
The Rising (28)
The River (7)
Lonesome Day (14)
Backstreets (4)
We Are Alive (28)
Badlands (23)
Thunder Road (18)
Land Of Hope And Dreams (19)
Rocky Ground (25)
Rocky Ground (26)
Born In The USA (7)
Born In The USA (8)
Born To Run (28)
Born To Run (29)
Glory Days (3)
Hungry Heart (5)
Seven Nights To Rock (2)
Seven Nights To Rock (3)
Dancing In The Dark (28)
Dancing In The Dark (29)
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (28)
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (30)


Love this clip even though it's only half a song - the way the audience gets it straight away and Bruce jumping up and down at the beginning. Blimey it's raining!

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